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School + Coaching (Combind)

integrated program

What is classroom integrated program ?

In this Program students can prepare for competitive exam like IIT-JEE-NEET/AIIMS/Olympiads/NTSE/KVPY etc. along with thair board studies within the school premises. We will get admitted the Students in our associated school. Classes of both board and competitive exam will run in the school premises, within the school timing

Why is integrated program a necessity ?

  • This is the most efficient program to get selection in JEE/NEET. Around 80% result (JEE/NEET) of any institute is due to integrated programs.
  • Most of the top rank of JEE/NEET of any institute are from integrated program.
  • Saving of time, Money and Stress free Learning.
  • Most desirable by aware parents.

What is our Methodology ?

  • Curriculum based on latest norm as prescribe by the governing body.
  • Preparation of IIT-JEE/Neet & Board syllabus.
  • Synchronized with routine school classes.
  • Rigorous practice and doubt removal.
  • Online test and learning support.
  • Exhaustive study material

What are the benifites of program?

  • Interaction with IIT/NIT alummi as teacher- real learning. Board and entrance exam preparation under one roof
  • Best imaginable guidance and learning
  • Clear concepts right from basic level.
  • Very high selection rate.
  • Stress free learning