Study Material

Comprehensive Study Material

Research and development cell of TARGET CAREER work round the clock to analyze and evaluate the changing pattern of question asked in various competitive exam such as JEE Main, JEE advanced, Neet/AIIMS and others prestigious Engineering and medical Entrance exam/Olmpiads/NTSE/KVPY and swiftly incorporates them into course curriculum.

At TARGET CAREER we provided complete range of modules including the syllabus of board exam to all our students as a part of teaching process.

TARGET lay emphasis on developing the intelligence Quotient (IQ) along with the analytical ability of its students through a systematic and structured way. We guid our Student to read, analyse and understand a question and then apply the best technique to solve it. this automatically develops the ability to think out of the box amongst the TARGET CAREER

The study material of target also covers the requirement of national and international scholastic exam such as … Olympiads, NTSE, KVYP etc.

The study material of TARGET in not like the other books with same details, but a collection of concepts and problems explained in the simplest way with well elaborated diagram and solution.

Complete material is followed by a time bound academic calender which again is one of the finest edge of our guidance.

Test Series

For better familiarization with JEE & NEET examination periodic tests are taken regularly to give ample practice to the student as respond promptly to tricky question and manage speed and time to help them to self evaluate and identify weak areas. This test series provides students an innovative test preparation framework to prepare for JEE-Main, JEEAdvanced, Pre-medical (NEET/AIIMS). it contain tests carefully created by our expert faculty to enhance and sharpen the preparation of student for actual exam.

Subjective Test

These tests are focused on the topics which are being currently taught at that time

Board Pattern Test

designed according to board syllabus to ensure best performance of students in their board exam.

Full Syllabus Test

To enhance their score in JEE and NEET and at of the session of tests are conducted followed by discussion and
revision classes.